Unity in batchmode: for Pros only

For a few months now I’ve been fiddling about my own small multiplayer game using Unity. Basic versions of client and server are now in a state where you can play the first games, at least in my home network. But of course the goal is to play the game over the Internet, so I chose to host the server in the cloud of Amazon’s Web Services (AWS). Setting up your own server there is a separate chapter, which I will hopefully be able to tell later. It turned out that Unity and AWS don’t work together for amateurs like me. Continue reading Unity in batchmode: for Pros only

Free Game Development with Unity and Visual Studio

In recent years, a dramatic change in the gaming industry can be observed: in addition to the well-established, large development studios and publishers there are more and more small, independent studios, who develop their games in-house and do marketing themselves. This development is driven by free game engines such as Unity and, since March 2nd 2015, the Unreal Engine 4, in combination with marketing platforms such as app stores and Steam. With its marketing model, a free version for indie developers and a Pro version for larger Studios, Unity however was the forerunner of this trend. A complete toolchain for development is easy to install and shall be described briefly below. Continue reading Free Game Development with Unity and Visual Studio