Unity in batchmode: for Pros only

For a few months now I’ve been fiddling about my own small multiplayer game using Unity. Basic versions of client and server are now in a state where you can play the first games, at least in my home network. But of course the goal is to play the game over the Internet, so I chose to host the server in the cloud of Amazon’s Web Services (AWS). Setting up your own server there is a separate chapter, which I will hopefully be able to tell later. It turned out that Unity and AWS don’t work together for amateurs like me.

After some back and forth I had my Ubuntu instance in Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (ec2) at a point where I could start my server. But what I had imagined to work so easily finally flatlined thanks to Unity. In order to start a server without a window manager you can use the command line parameter “-batchmode”. When applied, your Unity-made game does not open a window when starting. Unfortunately, instead of starting the game server bid farewell with the following message found in its log file:

"-batchmode" command line argument is only available when publishing using Unity Pro.

Log file
Log output when starting the batch.

This is definitely annoying since Unity does not tell you on its official page that this is a Pro feature. So, a lot of time spent to no avail. Even in the Unity forum there was just a single post to be found which mentions that this actually applies to Unity 4. To spare you the search: with Unity 5 you need a Pro license for batchmode as well. I’ve checked.

What to do? I don’t know yet, but if I find a solution I will post it here, of course.

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