Release of version 0.5.2: City Notes!

Finally! Notes in Network Traders (DevBlog # 32)

This was probably the most often requested feature for my mobile game Network Traders, and finally, here it is. Personal notes which you can add for each player you have traded with, are now available in version 0.5.2. In order to prevent abuse, I had decided early-on to use random city names for all players. The downside is, that it is difficult to remember who was behind, e.g., Oberwestingen. By adding a note that only you can read, this will now be much easier to keep track of.

Network Screen after some trading.
The network screen with several connected cities.

A typical network screen my look like the one on the right, after doing some trading. It is starting to get a little messy, but most of all, you probably don’t remember who is behind Auffurt, Schwaningen, or Elsenfelden. Maybe it was even someone you only traded with once.

Add notes in city tooltip.
Notes can be added in city tooltips.

Opening the tooltip for one of the cities/players, you can now see a note below the name of the city. In the case above, there are no notes yet. Now just use the pen icon and you will be able to edit this field.

Where else the Notes show up

Feather button for toggling notes.

The notes are not only visible on the network screen. You can also toggle them on the merchants screen. Tap the new feather icon on the bottom right to switch between the city names and your notes there as well.

Additionally, your notes show up in the lobby screen where you are looking for other players to trade with. If you have already traded with a player nearby and added a note for them, this now shows up in addition to the city name. This way, it is much easier to recognize already known players.

By the way, your notes are not sent to the central game server – no need to worry about your personal data. They are stored exclusively on your device in the new, local Realm database I introduced with the previous update.

What’s next?

According to the alternating scheme I promised earlier for new releases, it is time for another building. In version 0.5.3, this will be the Map Maper, allowing you to further extend your knowledge about your network of traders!

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