DevBlog: Our App Icon is here!

We put quite some thought and effort into creating an app icon for Network Traders. Finally, we have a version which is ready to be deployed. What do you think of our “flying merchant”? Read more about the design process and leave a comment about your first impression!

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DevBlog: A Cozy New Main Screen

Network Traders is evolving steadily. From the beginning, I concentrated on the technical challenges of the game. But with Andrea joining the effort in last November, the game is developing its very own graphical design, too. The latest and substantial upgrade is a rework of the main screen. I think, it makes you feel at home right from the first time you open the game!

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DevBlog: Art Expertise

The greatest thing about making video games is that it’s a team effort bringing together a very wide range of specialists. You need game designers, coders, artists, testers, marketing specialists, project managers and some more. So far, I have done almost all of this myself. But unfortunately, I’m a lousy artist. A … very … lousy artist. So I am more than happy that Andrea Prager has agreed to help me out here, and she’s doing a great job. Have a look at some of her work that you will see in Network Traders.

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