App Permissions for Network Traders

Network Traders requires special permissions in order to connect your mobile device with other player’s devices using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). With the introduction of Android 12 and later versions, there are two permissions that need to be granted: Location and Nearby devices. The request for these permissions within Network Traders looks as follows:

Grant device location permission
Grant nearby devices permission

If you do not grant those permissions, you will not be able to see or trade with other players. Usually, Network Traders should request the permissions again if you restart the app. If not, use your device’s settings screen to grant them later-on.

Settings screen on Android 12
Apps screen
App info screen for Network Traders
Permissions overview in settings for Network Traders
Grant permission for nearby devices

The required permissions may differ if you are using an Android version older than Android 12. If setting these permissions does not help, please make sure that Bluetooth and network connections are enabled on your device.

Have fun playing Network Traders!