How to SSH Tunnel to AWS-external Databases (DevBlog #33)

How to what?? Sorry for the messy headline. That’s what happens when you try to cram every relevant aspect of an article into a half-sentence. So here is what I try to say with it: RDS databases on AWS are expensive, and if you don’t utilize them heavily, try to avoid them! On my web space at DomainFactory, I have 10 databases included in my plan, so why not use them instead! Sounds like no big deal, but you need to know some things about SSH tunnels and Unix Domain Sockets to pull it off. Here is what worked for me, and hopefully will help you as well.

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Suddenly Professor

Sometimes, life takes turns you never anticipated. In my case, it was being appointed to a professorship. While I did study computer science and even received a Ph.D. afterwards, I had concentrated on a career in project management for a long time. But when I was made aware of an open position which just perfectly matched my professional background, I seized the opportunity, and here I am. On September 29th 2023, I received my letter of appointment to the faculty of computer science at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology. Three days later, I stood at the front of a lecture hall, speaking to a room full of students for the first time. But the interesting question here is: how does this impact my private projects such as the Games:Tech:Blog and Network Traders?

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DevBlog: My Flow Diagram

In my previous post, you saw a so-called Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) of Network Traders. It shows the number of tasks (features) that have been implemented over time. There is a lot of interesting stuff you can read out of it. So what is there to be found in my example, and why do I have one in the first place?

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