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Since the beginning of the year, I have focused my attention on a new game project which I call “Network Traders”. It is considerably more extensive than Coopong and thus takes up much more of my time. So much that you haven’t seen any new articles on this blog for almost a year. However, I am about to change this by starting a DevBlog for this new endeavour.

Any game that you publish requires a marketing strategy in order to find its players. A recommendation you will find often is to build a fan base early on. This way, you do not need to start looking when you finally publish your game, but you already have a handful of people who will start spreading the word. And hopefully, your game is good enough to go viral – or at least something resembling that.

Marketing usually takes a lot of money. The BusinessOfApps website numbers the worldwide average cost per install (CPI) of an Android game to be $1.15. These costs usually refer to the expenses for paid ads. For an average mobile app in North America this can even amount to more then $5 per install. But there are some strategies that come for free: The beginner’s guide to growing your mobile game by Unity names some of them. A DevBlog is one of these free approaches. In my case, I will try to give you an update on my progress and anything interesting I find on the way every week, or at least biweekly. And believe me, there was already a lot of exciting stuff I stumbled over so far.

Stay in Touch

A DevBlog has the additional advantage that it can be easily shared on social media, multiplying its reach. So watch out for news on Twitter or LinkedIn, or subscribe to my RSS feed! A list of all DevBlog entries can be found under the respective category.

A blog entry every week needs to be a little shorter than the usual article on Games:Tech:Blog, so that’s it for this first time. In the next article, I will give you an update on the progress of Network Traders.

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