New buildings in release 0.4.5: basket maker, tavern, and town hall.

DevBlog: Three new Buildings in Release 0.4.5

So far, only one type of building was available in Network Traders. With the latest release 0.4.5 (“base buildings”) this Friday I added three new buildings which represent three more categories. These are transport capacity (basket maker), trade route information (town hall), and information gathering (tavern). Read on for more information on how these new buildings play together.

Buildings tree in release 0.4.5 of Network Traders.
The different buildings which can be built in release 0.4.5.

So far, I had only implemented one type of building. Cobbler, Grocer, and Stables are responsible for extending the range of a merchant. As you can read in my previous post on merchants, they travel from one host device to the next to trade there. Once they have reached their maximum range or have no goods left to trade, they return to their home city (your device). Merchant range buildings increase this range.

The new Types of Buildings

The new types of buildings now add the following mechanics:

  • Transport capacity buildings: merchants carry with them a certain amount of goods which they trade. Without upgrades, each merchant takes two units of your production with them. The basket maker increases this capacity to three, allowing the merchant to travel further before they run out of things to trade.
  • Trade route information buildings: when your own merchants return home, they tell you about their travels. Without any buildings, they only tell you where they have just come from. Never share more information than you have to! With a town hall, they tell the mayor about the last two cities they visited. Grudgingly.
  • Information gathering buildings: foreign merchants visiting your city (device) don’t share any information at all. But give them a beer at your new tavern, and they start boasting about their home city. This way, you learn where they come from, what they trade, and maybe even how your merchants can get there.

How can I finally play this?

I admit, I am trying very hard to pique your interest. But I am sure that even more than you would like to play Network Traders do I want to let you play it! I am now more than one and a half years into development, and it’s high time that it gets released publicly! Alas, I am not quite there yet. The next release will focus on the tutorial, which is essential for players who are not familiar with the game concept beforehand. So please be patient – I will keep you updated here and on Twitter!

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