Leaving Twitter

People start a new year with good resolutions, many of which are not kept. So it is time to finally fulfill one of mine for 2023. That is leaving Twitter. In November 2022, I already opened a new Mastodon account. On Twitter I was only referencing my posts there. But I never got around to officially closing my Twitter account, just because I wanted to keep my timeline there. Now, finally, I downloaded my tweet archive and converted it to a presentable form using Tim Huttons Twitter Archive Parser.

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DevBlog: The long Pause is over

If you have followed my blog, you know that on September 23rd (2022) I reached a huge milestone with Network Traders. We celebrated the early access release on Google Play with a happy release party. But unfortunately, there came a sharp productivity drop right afterwards and only now, three months later, was I able to deliver a new, albeit small, feature update. Version finally concludes the introduction of tooltips for most of the screens, and hopefully ends this pause for good. So what’s next?

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